The Business of Photography Academy


Too many talented photographers are not earning enough money for their hard work, talent and dedication. That's about to change.

Are you struggling to find more clients that value your work? Do you wish you could find people who are willing to hire you more often, refer more work to you and rave about your company?
If you are, you are not alone.  
The quality of your work might not be why your business is struggling. It might be that you aren’t great at business. Most of us did not get into photography to run a business, we did it because we loved photography. We loved the creativity, we loved the access, we loved the freedom. But dealing with business stuff? Not so much. 
I’m not sure where you are at. Are you looking to make extra cash on the side? Are you creating a side business to get out of a job that you no longer want? Are you looking to make your existing business much more profitable?  Or maybe, like us, you might want to use your photography to do work you love and create a life of time, money and life freedom. 

"Vincent- You have been instrumental in us having our best year in business by far and us getting of debt in less than half the time we thought possible. We will forever be grateful!”-   Brian and Lisa

A little about us…
Hi, I'm Vincent! I've been a professional photographer for 23 years, and have been running a photography business 18 of those years. My wife Elizabeth has been doing the same for almost as long.
 We both were low paid, over stressed, frustrated, time strapped photojournalists. Once we began studying business, we went on to build not only a high end wedding business, but elite corporate and commercial photography businesses as well. We now also use these skills for our coaching, masterminds and online courses. Because of our decision to focus on our business and not just our photography, we have created a life of time, money and location freedom.
In that time, I've been commissioned to photograph some of the most high profile people and events that you might imagine. From being on the field shooting the Super Bowl to spending the day with Dalai Lama. From photographing four United States Presidents to shooting portraits of heads of major corporations. From being commissioned by Fortune 500 companies to being assigned to photograph the World Series and the NHL Finals. Elizabeth and I built a six figure wedding business for more than a decade while being consistently hired to shoot ultra exclusive corporate events including Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday party. Anything you can imagine, we have been commissioned to photograph.  
The lessons that we learned along the way, and continue to learn, will be taught here. This is real life experience from the School of Hard Knocks. And, we are so certain this program will give you the tools to start, run and grow your photo business and create the life of freedom you desire, that we have a 100% guarantee and you can cancel anytime you want!
If you are looking for quick fix shortcuts or "hacks", this isn't the place. Doing this required determination, hard work, persistence and patience. 

"Vincent is extremely generous with his time, advice and knowledge, as well as being incredibly enthusiastic and motivating. Since we began our regular calls, I immediately began picking up higher paying clients and made numerous connections with other businesses and potential clients. I’ve gained the confidence necessary to go out and find clients and been pointed in the right direction on several occasions when I was not sure where to head." -Dan Barker

A little about our approach…
We have photographed more than 400 weddings over the past 14 years. Elizabeth and I have shot weddings in 15 states- From high end weddings in New York City and San Diego, to casual backyard nuptials and everything in between.
We believe the best businesses build trust, as well as attention, through authentic, honest and helpful relationships that leads to an unlimited amount of symbiotic relationships. 
 “You can get anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”- Zig Ziglar
How do we know this works? With the same philosophies, methods and mindset that we will teach here, Elizabeth and I have been able to build an empire of connections and relationships where we have been able to enhance their careers and they have done the same for us. That is my vision for you with this academy. There is unlimited power is being a part of a generous community. 
 Most importantly, we were able to be in control of our time and our money so we were able to spend that time on what mattered most to us- our family! Aside from these topics, here is more that we will dive into.
Each month has a theme where we will dive into lessons, discussions and guest speakers. Here are the scheduled themes for the upcoming months.
Month 1- Why we need to give first- The hard truth.
Month 2- Pricing your work/overcoming limiting beliefs.
Month 3- Creating Your “Why” for your business.
Month 4- Building a "Raving Fan" base.
Month 5- The dreaded…Taxes! And why it’s easier than we think.
Month 6- Building a high end brand.
And so, so much more! We have rich content that keeps going and going.
*lessons are subject to change based on what the community needs and wants
Have more questions? Hopefully we answer them below!
Q- - Is the program open ended with the content or is there a point at which it is done and complete?
A-The Business of Photography Academy is open-ended, meaning there is no end date. We will have monthly topics and content consistently created from the needs of the community. This is done in real time, solving problems as they are needed. If you are receiving the value, growing your business and developing connections, confidence and clarity, you will consistently be provided new content, speakers and encouragement.  
Q-- Will the Academy be beneficial to photographers regardless of their genre and location?
-This is applicable no matter where you live and no matter if you are a portrait, wedding, commercial, sports, or any niche specialty. This is best business practices, improving confidence, mastering your money, overcoming fear and overthinking, understanding taxes, teaching the mindset of why you need to charge more (for the beneift of your family and for your clients), and using that to create the life that you desire from your business.  
Q- I like everything I am reading, but is it worth it? 
- This person really wanted to join, but struggled with the price. She charged $1,500 to shoot a wedding. I asked, "If we could help her to charge $3,000, or more- a $1,500 increase per wedding, would it have been a good investment?"
Emphatically, she said yes. It’s part of what we will dive into. Scarcity thinking leads to lower income and less connections. An abundance mindset leads to growth, connections, referrals and increased income and time freedom. She went from viewing it as a cost to viewing it as an investment.  
Q- Am I qualified to be a part of this?  Is my business in the right stage to benefit from the program?
-That’s a question I’ve heard often as well. If you have a desire to grow your business, you are qualified. This isn’t a photography academy. It’s a business of photography academy. This isn’t F stops, light and gear. Whether you are thinking of taking on your first client or ramp up your already successful business, you are qualified.  
Q- I honestly don’t think my photography is good enough to increase prices or to run a “real” business. Does your program help with that?
Artists often struggle with price. “I love doing it. I’d do it for free”, photographers say often. Me too. But free work doesn’t respect your time, your family's needs, your future or even your clients. Good clients don’t want free, only the bad clients do. Think of it this way- somewhere, there is a photographer that is a worse shooter than you are but they are charging more than you are. Why is that? It has everything to do with how you view your work, worth and value. And, with increased prices, better clients, enhanced education, improved gear, and more time freedom, your photography will continue to get better and better. Leading to even higher rates. Leading to the life that you want.  
Q- Is there a deadline to join the academy?
I don’t do a “Sign up by 11:59pm” deadline or a “Doors are closing in..” approach. This is for people who really want it, need it and are ready for it. If you want to jump in and kick start your business and take control of your work, money and time, come join the party. If not, we’ll be here if and when you are ready!
If you are interested in joining the Business of Photography Academy, and have questions, email me personally at  I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

Become a Founding Member!

97 month
  • A vibrant online community which Vincent will be involved in
  • Weekly, live Q&A calls with Vincent regarding the lesson or any subject you need help with
  • Monthly themes and lessons lessons (see above)
  • Guest speakers (We will be bringing in photographers that Vincent has established relationships with over 23 years to share their insight, knowledge and tips to you)
  • Connections within the academy for referral work between photographers
  • Weekly challenges
  • Bonus lessons on photography skills, creativity and style
  • Portfolio/Website critique (for the next 25 academy members)
  • You get the lowest price that will ever be offered!