The Freelance to Freedom Mastermind

Mastermind and Coaching Testimonials

Being in Vincent’s mastermind group is probably the best decision I ever made, save for getting married and having a child. I am 25 years old and with Vincent’s advice and the help, I have paid off my credit card, created a plan to increase my saving’s and emergency funds, created a business based on strengths Vincent found through one of our phone calls, AND become 100% COMPLETELY self-employed. Now everyone is more confident and happier in our current situation financially, emotionally, and even physically because of the freedom Vincent helped us create. Vincent is the type of friend you NEED to have in your corner.If you’re on the fence about joining one of his teams, do yourself a favor and jump off that fence into the deep end of the Vincent knowledge pool; you won’t regret it.

Victor G.,

Vincent- You have been instrumental in us having our best year in business by far and us getting of debt in less than half the time we thought possible. We will forever be grateful!

Brian and Lisa R.

Hey Vincent, what a difference this group is making ... I'm blown away how it's coming together. You are awesome at running this thing. It's a pleasure to watch. Thanks again. What a group of men!

Adam S.
Vincent’s leadership and wisdom has been key to my personal and professional growth over the past year. He is one of the best human beings I’ve ever known and a true gift to his clients.
Brian King

Changing the trajectory of your life for the better isn’t easy, but one-on-one coaching with Vince has been the spark that is actually, finally making it all happen for me! I am so excited about my future now on so many levels. His rock-solid advice and motivating communications style has helped me develop the tools and confidence to make real what I never thought I’d accomplish – and I’m just getting started. I Couldn’t have done this without his guidance.

 Deb B.

"I have been working with Vincent for two years now and my greatest compliment is... WOW! My life is completely better off as a result of Vincent's coaching. Now understand, I am a big-thinking, million-dollar idea per day, analytical, creative, visionary guy. I always believe in my next idea and its impact on my future. Vincent has been there for me to be encouraging to the
ideas with merit and challenging on those that take Ken away from an Essentialist Mentality.
Vincent is never afraid to risk every cent of relational investment on one hard truth. He is direct, .honest, and explains his reasons thoroughly. What more could you ask for in a coach? In these two years, I have been able to reduce my work days by 40% without losing any income. I attribute most of that to Vincent's coaching. He is now in agreement on my 2017 goal to become debt free (as he is) and to help me move into my dream of becoming locationally independent so that I can travel the country in an RV with my family! Vincent's coaching has real value and is
worth every cent you will invest!"

Ken C.